Fisher Offshore

Fisher Offshore


Fisher Offshore

Oldmeldrum, Aberdeen

We’ve worked with Fisher Offshore and their predecessor for over 25 years, we worked closely with them through the purchase of Monyana Engineering and integration of Fisher into their new premises in Oldmeldrum. Fisher Offshore continued the project and were keen to use design aspects their management had picked up from their work in Norway. 

The clean internal open spaces and the well engineered external details were well thought of by Aberdeenshire Council in their design awards with the project being 'Highly Commended'  the highest awarded in the Business Category in 2008.

Open Plan Layout

For the main office, open plan informal meeting areas and first floor canteen were adopted into the internal design layout.

Lasting Relationship

Over a number of years we provided Fisher with eight industrial units including offices, R&D, Machine workshops, storage facilities, and various alterations and extensions to house their many subsidiaries

Project Team