Coffee Shop


Coffee Shop

Insch, Aberdeenshire

Full planning permission was granted for a new coffee shop and dwelling on the site of a dilapidated retail unit in the town centre of Insch. The site had been highlighted in community surveys carried out by the local Councillors as a target site for redevelopment to improve its appearance.

There is a precedent of typical traditional shop frontage scale, proportions and style, with particular detailing prevalent throughout the streetscape of Insch’s town centre and its wider context. In order for the proposed shop to sit comfortably within its setting these details are respected and reflected in its design. 

The proposed shop has been carefully designed as a high quality, contemporary design suitable for a traditional rural Aberdeenshire Town Centre whilst taking cues from the existing shop frontages in the immediate vicinity. In order to continue the sense of place and reflect the character of the local area, the scale, mass and proportions of the shop frontage replicate those of the neighbouring DIY store.